We help students build their confidence to move forward in their academic subjects by providing National curriculum-based support. Areas of difficulty in respective subjects will be given special attention, to help tackle these problems with ease.

We assess the students regularly to pinpoint where help is needed. We give class work, home work and end of term exam papers to evaluate progress, and parents will be informed of their child’s development on a regular basis.

We provide weekly lessons and holiday courses. During school holidays, intensive revision courses are also provided. This gives an opportunity to revise specific units/modules and complete exam questions for 11+, SATS, GCSE and A/L stages;

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KS3 Maths & English

We follow the National Curriculum in tandem with a range of additional materials to advance student’s knowledge of Mathematics and to develop student’s understanding of the English language we focus on areas of Critical reading and comprehension, Writing and Spoken language, as highlighted in the Curriculum. Read More about “KS3 Maths & English”